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Wallpaper Designer, Decorative Art Designer and illustrator, Aurore Danielou's work revolves around the creation of patterns for wallpaper, textiles, packaging and the creation of unique illustrations.


Muralist, Aurore Danielou creates painted or printed murals with dreamlike and colorful patterns. His work with scrolls worked with lines is largely influenced by William Morris.


A Baroque and elegant style where humor often has its place in a modern vintage style.


With several years of expertise as a surface designer artist and illustrator, Aurore works closely with architects and designers for their needs in integrating art into their interior design projects.


Aurore's creations are tailor-made, with painted murals, wallpapers, windows and other visual creations for mainly commercial projects, such as stores, restaurants, bars but also cosmetics, scenography, packaging and art to live. ​


Contact Aurore directly via

Patricia Lucas Agency Paris, France:

Colagene Agency Montréal, Canada:

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